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Fig.1 - 2

Patient presented at the dental office looking for a completely new smile.

Please, note the tooth wear and the incongruous restorations in the anterior teeth. Fig.2 shows both gingival inflammation and recession on the left lateral incisor; a width-length ratio discrepancy is also notable on the right central and lateral incisors which makes these teeth look shorter.

Fig. 3 - 4

After completing a gingival plastic surgery procedure on the four incisors, Dr Deliperi was able to re-establish the correct gingival levels. Six porcelain laminate veneers were cemented from right to left canine. Gingiva is not suffering from inflammation anymore.

Simmetry of both gingival margins and tooth size was achieved at the end of the treatment.

Fig 5 e 6

Patient before and after smile. The post-op picture shows a more attractive smile; patient doesn’t need to hide her teeth with her tongue anymore!


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