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Patient presented to the dental office to improve the dental aesthetics of her upper incisor teeth. Please, note both tooth discoloration and incongruos mis-matched fillings. The gingival recession was responsible for partial root exposure; tooth width length proportion is altered due to  wear of the incisal margin and gingival recession.

Fig. 5

Dr Deliperi performed a gingival plastic surgery procedure to cover the exposed dental roots. Tooth whitening was also completed before placing temporaries on the four upper incisor teeth. Dr Deliperi fabricated and modelled the temporaries at the dental chair; a final shape that could satisfy both the patient desire and Dr Deliperi critical essay was achieved. Temporaries allowed to get both correct tooth proportion and harmony of the upper teeth. Although a plastic surgery procedure was recently performed, gingiva is healthy.


The three porcelain laminate veneers and a jacket crown before completing the try-in procedure in the patient mouth.

Fig.7- 11

Final result after completing the cementation of both the porcelain veneers and the jacket crown. A perfect integration of the ceramics with both the gingival tissue and the adjacent teeth was achieved. The patient can show her new brilliant, healthy and natural smile!

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