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Patient’s smile showing 4 incongruous zirconia crowns on the upper incisors. Please, note the crowns opaque color, altered tooth proportion and gingival inflammation. Right first premolar, canine, lateral incisors and left canine also suffer from gingival recession and root exposure.

fig.3 e 4

Show a close-up view of both gingival inflammation and recession. Direct composite restorations on the root surface didn’t help to improve the aesthetic result at all.

Dr Deliperi proposed a treatment plan based on the removal of the incongrous zirconia crowns and the composite restorations plus the treatment of both gingival inflammation and recession. The goal was to re-establish either the correct gingival level, gingival health or tooth proportion on the upper teeth.

Fig. 5 e 6

Dr Deliperi completed gingival plastic surgery procedures to cover the exposed root surfaces; complete root coverage was achieved! Once gingiva tissues healed, tooth whitening was completed. At this point, Dr Deliperi performed three direct composite restorations on the cervical area of the right and left canines and first right premolar. Restorative treatment was completed with the cementation of four zirconia crowns on the upper incisors.

Fig.7- 14

The before and after pictures show the patient terrific change after completing both the gingival and restorative treatment. The gingival inflammation was also solved.
Please, note the perfect gingival margin simmetry on both the right and left side; both the direct composite restorations and zirconia crowns do match the color and shape of adjacent teeth.

Dr Deliperi completed invisible tooth-color restorations and solved either the gingival inflammation or recession!


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