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Crown-root fracture of the palatal wall on the upper left first molar tooth. The fracture is subgingival. Patient was informed that two different treatment plan options could be selected. The first one includes a gingival plastic surgery (crown lengthening) and the placement of a dental crown after completion of tissue healing; the other option is based on the tooth extraction and the placement of a dental implant if the root fracture was very deep.

Fig. 2,3

Upon removal of the fractured palatal wall, a deep fracture line was assessed. However, the fracture did not involve any root furcation. The crown lengthening procedure  allowed Dr Deliperi to save the tooth which was built-up and covered with a dental crown after tissue healing. Either root resection or placement of a dental implant were avoided.The new dental crown integrates very well with both the adjacent teeth and the gingival tissues.


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