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Dental Bridge replacement with single crowns

Fig. 1


Fig.1 Patient complains food packing under the 3-unit bridge from second lower premolar to second lower molar. The first lower molar is missing.

Fig. 2


The porcelain-fused to metal bridge was removed. Dr Deliperi placed a dental implant and completed a bone regeneration procedure on the first molar area at the same appointment. After few months, 3 single units full ceramic crowns were fabricated by the dental lab. A full ceramic abutment was also fabricated to support the implant restoration.

fig. 3


Final results following the cementation of the 3 full ceramic crowns. Teeth do have the correct shape and anatomy now; patient can floss in the same way she does in her natural teeth. Gingiva does not bleed anymore and a new comfort was obtained during mastication.

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