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Fig. 1-2


When the patient came to the office, he referred he underwent radiotherapy due to a nose and throat cancer. He cannot place any implants in the edentulous ridge.

Fig. 3-5


Please, have a look at the severe dental erosion and the dental caries. The patient heard of Dr Deliperi’s  protocols of tooth conserving dentistry; he asked to have these protocol adopted in his mouth to avoid any drilling of his teeth to place either dental crowns or bridges. He said he have been waiting for many years to treat his teeth because no dentist in the past accepted his idea of reconstructing his structurally compromised teeth.

Fig. 6


It is not possibile to build-up the teeth at the original anatomy because there is no room between the upper and lower teeth. Before starting the restorative procedure, a nightguard was fabricate to replicate the original distance between the upper and lower arch.

Fig. 7-8


Final result after completing the build-up of the upper and lower teeth. Dr Deliperi was able to cover the shade of the discolored teeth and create a very natural shade of the restorations.

Fig. 9-10


The lateral views allow to better appreciate the nice tooth shape and proportion Dr Deliperi recreate for his patient

Fig. 11-12


The use of a nightguard allowed to predictably recreate a good and stable occlusion; both aesthetics and function were achieved

Fig. 13-14


The final smile and final view of the upper and lower teeth in occlusion


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